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RIVISTA - Made In Mind #22

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In this issue Gianluca Gramolazzi in conversation with Marco Siciliano.
Marco Roberto Marelli tells the lives of Pippa Bacca, and how art and life merge making the distinction between the artist’s works and her social and private habits.
Elena Solito in conversation with Mona Mohagheghi: Her practice develops through a conceptual thought that finds formalization in works of different nature.
V-SPACE, curated by Gianluca Gramolazzi, allows us to take time to think about the relationship between digital and real, thanks to essays written by curators and art critics. For issue #22, Domenico Quaranta analysed the evolution of our relationship with digital cultural products: from illegal downloads to NFT (non fungible token), in a context where information wants to be free and wants to be expensive.
Berlinde De Bruyckere’s work deals with the transformation, transcendence and reconciliation of bodies in the face of mortality. These bodies are often animal, human or inanimate. In conversation with Fabrizio Ajello.
STREAMS, the column that comes from the desire to create a moment of reflection on social issues with established artists and professionals. For this issue Marika Marchese invited the artist Tomoko Nagao, inclined to the contamination of languages and adheres to Neo pop and Superflat cultural experience.
Gianna RubiniAgnese Spolverini and Maria Chiara Ziosi in conversation with Stefano Volpato. This conversation is an opportunity to discuss some issues that emerged during the exhibition,  and all the limitations linked to the pandemic we have been experiencing along the process.